Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Horde

I've taken delivery of Xanders force for Salute. Gratifyingly both forces fit in a single case, which is a little surprising given the size of this one.

I love this force. At a distance it looks like some sort of  Viking army,

but the closer you get


I love it! combined with Xanders painting, it's a beautiful force.

I've also managed to point it up.

We were slightly worried that the Coalition force would outstrip it in size, but nothing like that has happened. Even stripped down to basically men and equipment, the horde significantly outpoints the coalition. I'm hoping that this will provide an opportunity to fine tune the points values for firearms.

The horde is composed of elite troops. If they don't have the numbers or experience to cross the battlefield without getting cut apart then I know we have a  problem.

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