About All That Remains

I've been playing wargames since Little Wars sonny, give me the executive summary.

All That Remains is scale independent, platoon-level, squad based, setting agnostic, post apocalyptic skirmish game. It features scalable technology levels, plug-n-play setting elements, a core d10 mechanic and a card based fog of war system.

This blog will chart our attempt to get this game to Salute 2016

I stumbled on your blog while looking for Goth Poetry, what's all this about?

Hi there, and welcome to the All That Remains: Armies of the Aftermath project blog. A lot is up in the air right now, but the purpose of this blog is to chronicle the attempt to write, produce miniatures and terrain for and finally take a display/participation game to Salute 2016.

Sorry. What game? I'm totally lost.

I am currently trying to write a set of rules for a table top wargame, a game played with miniature figurines representing different types of troops and using dice to determine the outcome of your orders.


You know Warhammer? It's like that.

Gotcha. So tell me about your game.

Ok, so the premise is this. After the apocalypse mankind has begun to regroup into new power groups. City states, kingdoms, republics and tribes all begin to vie with each other to control this new world. The game focuses on the armies raised by these new states and the battles between them, rather than random gangs of survivors hitting each other with lead piping.

Ooh, what kind of apocalypse?

Any kind, that's up to you. Nuclear war, zombies, super volcano or environmental collapse. You can choose how the world ended and that will affect how you games play.

Because there's no canon fluff, you are perfectly free to come up with your own setting, factions and stories.

Are there mutants and death ray guns?

If you want. The game is designed to be as flexible as possible, and you can go as pulpy as you want with all the mutants and power armoured troopers and psychic powers you can handle, or you can take yourself back to the dark ages, with limited access to guns and a stripped down aesthetic.

What's Salute?

Probably the biggest wargames show in Britain.

You doing this alone?

Xander is also part of the ATR team, primarily focusing on building one of the forces for the game and giving rules feedback

Is this a commercial venture?

Nope, I'm purely doing this for my own edification. I love wargames, and I love the post-apocalyptic genre.

Will you be producing miniatures?

No. I certainly don't have the skill to do that. However, there are plenty of manufacturers out there providing suitable figures. In fact, due to the nature of post apocalyptic gaming and ATR's design in particular, you can use basically any miniature in your collection.

Can I play?

Sure! The rules can be found in a sidebar on the main page will be available shortly.

Please share stories of your games with us!


  1. Hey, trying to track down these rules because they look like exactly what I'm after. Where can I find them?

    1. Hi Evan, I scratched my itch to put on a show last year. It kinda burnt me out!

      Unfortunately I never managed to get the rules finalized, but just for that comment, I'm going to get them done. Not immediately, but watch this space.