Friday, 4 September 2015

Finished: Oddments ii

I  finished the  subterranean worm I've been working on. No idea how we will fit it in  (random encounter?) I blame watching  Tremors too many times!

There's also another WiP picture from the  paint tray...I'm definitely making progress!

- Xander 

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Inspiration behind the Northern Nomads

I just wanted to share some of the visual inspiration behind my Northern Nomad raiders. The initial idea and basic description of nomadic mammoth herders in chain mail and fur came from the World of Mortal Engines series of books, and my mental image was always of Cossacky-Vikings (or maybe even Vikingy-Cossacks, it's hard to  tell!) - all baggy trousers, tunics, beards and long hair. Luckily that description pretty much perfectly fits 'Rus'/Eastern vikings, so they sort of became my baseline. I was also partially influenced by memories of National Geographic style anthropological photos of nomadic reindeer herders (Both Sami and their asiatic cousins). 
I was also always really impressed with Dalaupporor's 'Baltic heathen' army ( Check it out here) and at the back of my mind I'd always fancied doing something similar, so that sort of fitted in too


Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Finished: Oddments

I decided to have a short break from painting Northern Nomads, so had a  go at some oddments from the AtR world.
Here we have a member of a London Engineers Guild security team (whistles innocently at any accusations of plaigerising Mr Reeve) and an officer from the Neu-Hansa trade caravans...