Wednesday, 27 April 2016

So what now?

Things might be a bit quieter here than they were pre-Salute, but there's still plenty to do.

Painting wise I'm going to be focusing on other projects for a while, mostly Flames of War, 6mm modern, other Post apocalyptic stuff and misc. RPG models, but I'll get back to the coalition after the break. I've got extra figures for the Cartel, to bulk out their squad and I want to put together a second rifle squad for the Manchester Guard - after finding a less labour intensive manufacture process of course!

I also want to expand the HQ selection for the guard.I've got a flag for a standard bearer all lined up, and one of the takeaways I forgot to mention in the last post is that you need a robust command structure or a good counter-sniper setup. Otherwise your going to have a bad time.

The obvious goal for now is the rules. I think I'm going to need another two months or so.

I will, however, be uploading a pdf of the Fog of War cards this weekend.

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