Sunday, 10 January 2016

Manchester Guard Veterans

More regular that Thing A Week, it's another squad of troops from the anti-nomad coalition!

The men below are the elite of the Manchester Guard, the small professional army created to defend the City of Manchester from external threats. Have some pics:

From the front

From behind

I'm actually very pleased with the way they turned out. At first, I thought the squares on their cloaks were going to drive me insane, but they seem to have paid off.

These men are drawn from among the longer serving members of the "Mud and Bloods" (I'll provide fluff for both Manchester and the Guards soon enough) and keep many of their operating procedures and weapons from before "the reorganisation".

These men are armed with SMG's, while their sergeant has an assault rifle. One of them carries a Rocket Launcher, Single Shot, Disposable, Mammoth, For the purpose of hunting.

Beneath their cloaks they are wearing the "new" uniform of the Manchester Guard. Persistent legend has it that their cloaks are made by, or bought with the last pennies of their wives or sweethearts, and there is even a song to this end, however, this is mostly untrue. While they provide their own cloaks, as with all non-standard issue equipment, they are usually not bought by doomed lovers. Veteran troops are extremely possessive of their signature look, and many regular soldier has got the boot in when innocently trying to emulate them.

While they are the veterans of many battles with raider groups and smaller settlements, they have never faced a foe as large, as experienced or as cohesive as the Karns horde.

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