Saturday, 2 January 2016

Left for Lead

Just a quick picture of the Manchester "line infantry" for lack of a better word.

They're made of half Warlord Commando! half Redoubt enterprises ACW dismounted cavalry. I hope once they're done that they will look like the sort of troops a pre-industrial but wealthy post-apocalyptic city might be able to put together.

I also hope once they're painted that they wont look like:
  • Normal ACW troops
  • Normal British or German WWII troops
  • A bunch of clowns
You cant see them in this picture, but a couple are carrying swords (including the Leadership 0 officer, front right) and the one at the rear right has a motorcycle helmet greenstuffed onto him. I decided quite early that uniformity would be the true dead of the post apocalyptic aesthetic, so while these men are the standing, standardised infantry of a city state, they are still working with post-apocalytic resources and have brought some of their own equipment to the fight.

To be honest, I'm pinning a lot on the paint job. The manner in which I chose to produce they was expensive, time consuming and I cut the tips of my fingers to shreds in the process.

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