Monday, 28 March 2016

Force builder v0.1

Here it is, the first version of the Force Builder for All That Remains.

I've still got plenty of ideas I want to add, even to the first version, but needs must.

It may be a little contextless without the rules themselves, but hopefully it's something of a view into what I'm trying to accomplish here. Please go ahead and have a look. Point up your own post apocalyptic forces!

All feedback is appreciated. You can post in the comments below, take it to the thread on the Post Apocalypse Wargames Forum or email allthatremainsgame [at]

Oh yeah. We've got an email now...

Future features include:

  • Expanded Cultist faction trait
  • Advanced faction trait
  • More adjunct types
  • More specialist equipment
  • Special rules tree for mounted units

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